Limited Slip Differentials

The limited slip differential is an important contributor to gaining maximum performance from your Alfa. In slippery or marginal traction circumstances, it allows some power to be fed to the wheel that normally would be unloaded and spinning wildly. Balancing the torque applied to the rear wheels increases the chance that one or both can find traction and keep the car moving. Of course, this feature becomes increasingly important as engine output increases. This type of differential relies on friction clutch disks to transfer the torque from one axle to the other. Over time, these disks wear out, lose their friction, and the limited slip differential gradually reverts back to an open differential. The result is big throttle induced wheel spin in the wet, or in uphill corners, etc. When this happens, it is time for these clutches to be replaced.

For those who want more, the differential’s performance can be increased to give even better performance. In the standard Alfa Romeo limited slip differential, the limit is set to about 25%, however, by rearranging the disk stack, the slip limits can be almost doubled.

Performatek can perform either a standard rebuild or a high performance rebuild. We will also inspect the differential carrier bearings and notify you if one or both need to be replaced.
We have recently received limited slips that were so bad that even the spacer disks had to be replaced. These rebuilds obviously ended up costing more. Highly unusual, nevertheless, be prepared for any eventuality when they are opened and inspected.

All GTV6 and most Milano (75) transaxles shipped to the USA were open differentials. It is possible to install a limited slip into your transaxle or change to an alternate transaxle to gain a different final drive ratio. It is not inexpensive, but it can be done.

Please inquire, and we can discuss your needs and options.