Gear Lightening

Long considered to be the ultimate in gear box preparation for the track. Lightening the gears removes unnecessary rotating mass from the gear train. The principal benefits that accrue are quicker shifting and longer synchro life. Performatek undercuts (where possible – this is not feasible on the smaller gears) and cross drills the gears*. The biggest “bang for the buck” is to have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears on the main shaft lightened, and 4/5/R on the layshaft. These synchros see the most use (especially 2nd and 3rd), and they are on the biggest gears, so they have to deal with the biggest disparity in weight and rotation speed. Having said that, once the box is open, it is common to have them all done.

Performatek can also offer a complete transmission rebuild. It is difficult to give a complete price schedule for a transmission rebuild because it is hard to predict which pieces will be worn beyond acceptable limits. The labor is fairly constant, but the parts need vary widely from transmission to transmission. The only way to know is to give the transmission or at the very least, the gear stack, a thorough inspection by a seasoned professional – either by your local Alfa technician or by Performatek. Typically, one or more dog rings will need to be replaced (this actually is the part that grinds on bad shifts). Expect one or more synchros and sliders to be worn, and it is very likely that the ring and pinion shim will need to be replaced. Of course, the prudent Alfa owner will also prepare for the surprise “issues” that always seem to crop up in a rebuild like this.

Some of these parts can still be replaced by OEM parts, for some you may have a choice of either OEM or aftermarket parts. Some parts are NLA and can only be replaced by scavenging less worn parts from used transmissions. In order for Performatek to inspect the gears, it is recommended that you send the complete main shaft with gears attached. If you prefer, you can send the complete transmission, case, and all. After inspection, we can quote the parts cost for the rebuild.

GEAR OIL must be drained thoroughly.