deDion Clutch Assembly and Flywheel Modifications

The clutch assembly on deDion driveline Alfas can also yield performance gains via lightening. The stock clutch disk weighs close to 3 pounds and for any engine output up to about 230hp, should be adequate. It also is easy to drive on the street. However, if your engine will be delivering more power than that and/or be primarily a track car, then other clutch options become preferrable and realistic. We can provide clutch disks with greater friction levels and clamping forces. Your pressure plate can be modified to give more clamping force if necessary. Contact us and we can review your needs and options.

The clutch/transaxle flywheel can be lightened by close to 2 pounds. This will make a significant contribution to the car’s throttle response; gear shifting performance and reduce the amount of power robbed from the rear wheels.

Aluminum flywheels for the Alfa V6

Weighing less than 10.5 pounds (4.7KG), Performatek offers these super lightweight flywheels to eliminate the power robbing mass of the original cast iron flywheels. Instead of using that precious engine output to spin the flywheel, use it to spin the rear wheels and maximize your Alfa’s forward progress!

There are separate versions for the 2.5L engine and for the 3.0L engine. These are externally balanced, to compensate for the V6’s inherent imbalance, just as Alfa made the cast iron originals. They mount and balance just as the originals with ring gears in the correct position.