Performatek emerged out of its founders’ pure enthusiasm for the beauty, performance, design priorities, and character of Italian cars. Driving them harder (only on the track, of course) led to the search for products that provided superior levels of performance. Over time, the company has established relationships with an eclectic list of suppliers whose parts have proven to be effective, reliable, well made, and reasonably priced.

In general, the parts we offer are tailored for the dual-purpose car rather than the dedicated, single-purpose racecar. Some are OEM replacements. Some are enhancements. All are selected because they can deliver better performance than OEM, over a longer period of time. All are selected to be drop-in, bolt-up replacements. For the most part, they are not necessarily designed to give maximum performance on the track; rather, they are designed to provide enhanced performance while leaving the car drivable on the street.

Performatek is dedicated to the continued pursuit of parts that will complement your car’s design and expand its performance potential. Please flip through our catalog pages by clicking the links that interest you, place your order online, and contact us with any questions or needs.

We look forward to serving you!