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I nearly forgot to give response after the race where I test the suspension that is F****ing AWSOME!!!!

We finished 2nd behind Factory BDA Escort and we have just stock gearbox. In the winter I want to make a big weigh reduction and will have Autodelta-type gearbox what nearly finish. The 30mm bars and the 225 rear springs should be the best combo for rallying. After I ordered from you, I have found an Autodelta sheet that contains the same combo.

The chassis is not leaning, give 100% feedback and not too stiff what is needed for bumpy roads. Brake distance is also
better. I have used 3/4 stiffness on Konis all around, because full turn seemed too hard.

Thanks again!


Remember Me? I purchased torsion bars and sway bars from you some time ago for my 75 Ts. After lots of blood sweat and tears I finally got my TS track ready and first took it out April and have done 2 sprints since. I completely stripped the car , cut out all the inner doors,made fitted polycarb windows,  did a complete rewire myself, fitted slotted and dimpled rotors front and rear with Ebc yellow stuff, TS transaxle with Alfetta 3rd and 4th, 4.3:1 final drive with uprated Lsd, racing seat , 6 point harness, 8 point roll cage, custom airbox, manual rack and of course all the suspension goodies I purchased from you. I then slapped some yokohama advan a050 mediums on and off I went. I took it out with the intention of doing a half paced lap but that  only lasted one corner – I was too excited and instantly confident in the car. It handles absolutely superb and sounds great. I am extremely happy and proud of the car and it’s a buzz every time I drive it. Thanks so much for all your parts, help and advice to make this project possible.

Just wanted to drop you a note. We got the car running and I have been driving it on the street to debug it and break in the motor. The suspension is amazing totally transformed the car and still very streetable.  Thanks for all your help.

I won 1st place in my category and I am the only Alfa. All the rest are BMWs e30 323i, 325i, 325(2.7), 535i, and one M5 MANUFACTURED UNTIL 1991. All in my group were 12 cars. The car is balanced perfect and holds great in cornering. There is lack of power compared with the others competitors but is much faster in the corners. Thanks!